What Worth to Consider on Showers and Shower Heads in Modern Bathrooms

As with the natural phenomenon as with raining, human beings have adopted a similar version in their bathrooms. However, in the eighteenth century, shower was unheard of and people bathed in rivers sources such as rivers or carried water to use basins when bathing. The showers are fitted with perforated shower heads to spray water while bathing.

Brief History of Shower Heads

interestingly, the use of shower by human being started through bathing at waterfalls. The idea of bathing indoors has its origin with the earliest Egyptians and Mesopotamian (the upper class), and they used the slaves to bath them by pouring water jugs to them. The use of shower from piped water was started by the ancient Greeks. Their sewage and aqueducts systems used lead pipes pumped water into and out of shower rooms.

Modern Showers

The modern mechanical showers that more often uses electric pressure originated from showers that used a hand pump. The modern showers were first installed in barracks belonging to the French army as early as 1870 as a hygienic advancement and funny enough as an economic measure. After hitting the water with steam engines, the shower had the capability of washing eight prisoners using only twenty liters of water. Later, a technology developed the traditional method of heating water through steam engines to use of electricity to heat shower water.

The art of plumbing dates back to 1850 and at around that time is when the use of shower started. The pipes are fitted with shower heads such as Showerhead brand WEXE.

Features of Shower Heads

Depending on water regulations in the different jurisdiction, shower heads have a number of features. Some governments regulates the shower head used for residential or commercial use in an effort to avoid wastage. Some of the features that characterizes Shower heads include;-Perforated nozzle -Adjustable for suitable spray patterns-Jets for descaling acidic chemicals

Different Types of Shower Heads

Shower panel; this type of shower head have more than one sprayer and are mounted on the wall to spray horizontally while bathing to reach various body parts.

Ceiling- mounted faucet; this shower heads are widely known and used while bathing like Showerhead brand WEXE. They are usually mounted on the ceiling and water comes from above just like rain when bathing. The amount of water from the shower head is regulated by a tap. Water flow can entirely depend on gravity on this shower head as opposed to pressurized water flow.

Shower handset; this type of shower head is connected to a flexible hose pipe, and one holds the end of the pipe while bathing. However, the shower handset can be mounted on the ceiling and used as the ceiling mounted faucet.

Fixed shower head; this type of shower head are most commonly used. As the name suggests, the shower head is fixed permanently to a plumbing fixture and do not require to be moved when using it.

Adjustable shower head; Unlike the fixed shower head, the adjustable shower head have a variety of settings to better suit the desire of the user, the settings include;

High-pressure settings; Pulsating massage settings, and among others

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